The short story “The Rain Missed My Face and Fell Straight to My Shoes” by Saeed Taji Farouky introduces Samir, an illegal immigrant from Cairo currently living in London. Samir goes to the cinema, where one of his immigrant friends allows him to enter without paying for a ticket. In the cinema, Samir sees Youssef, a friend who is also from Egypt, who works at the gate. The two men hug, and Samir tells Yousseff that his mother has died while being treated in London. 

Hamza, a Somalian immigrant, replaces Youssef at the gate while Youssef joins Samir in the movie theater. Many immigrants go there to pass the time, keep warm, or sleep. Samir reveals that his mother got sick in Cairo and that she died in London. He also reveals that his family did not have money to pay for the plane ticket to London, so Samir stole money from the cinema, where he used to work, to bring her there. A...

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