Style of writing

The language used by Saeed Taji Farouky in the short story “The Rain Missed My Face and Fell Straight to My Shoes” is fairly neutral in style. 

However, the dialogue in the short story sometimes has informal features that reflect the characters’ age and backgrounds and make the text seem realistic. For example, Youssef calls Samir a “son of a bitch” (p. 30, l. 21) playfully. Informal exclamations such as “huh” (p. 31, l. 2) express curiosity. Samir describes Hamza’s job using informal terms such as “shit and piss” (p. 31, ll. 19-20). All of this gives the story a realistic feel. 

When it comes to the choice of words, the narrator often uses words and phrases with negative meanings. For example, after Aqil tells Samir about leaving for Paris, Samir feels “sick now, sick in my stomach like I’m hungry or have a hangover” (p. 40, ll. 28-29). Samir also uses the word “criminal” often, especially when talking about himself. 

In contrast, Samir describes his fanta...

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