The short story “The Moose and the Sparrow” by Hugh Garner takes place in a logging camp. Moose asks Cecil what he does on the mainland. When Cecil answers that he goes to university, Moose begins to bully him. As Moose is one of the production foremen, he gives Cecil the biggest workload and curses him when he is unable to work fast or well enough. 

The narrator, Mr Anderson, catches Cecil crying one day, and Cecil tells him about Moose. Cecil is afraid that Moose will hurt him badly before he leaves, crippling him or even killing him. Mr Anderson wants to send Cecil away, but Cecil does not want to leave before the time is up, since he needs the money to pay for school. 

Cecil arrives one day at supper without his glasses, telling everyone that Moose stepped on them. The others begin to be more sympathetic towards Cecil and start to turn against Moose, especially as Cecil makes things out of w...

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