The short story “The Moose and the Sparrow” by Hugh Garner has a linear plot structure. The story begins in medias res with Moose asking Cecil what he does on the mainland (p. 209, l. 2). Cecil’s answer that he goes to university, where he takes an art course is the starting point of the conflict between Moose and Cecil. 

The plot is chronological. It presents the escalation of the conflict between Moose and Cecil, as Moose's bullying gets increasingly serious. 

There are several elements of foreshadowing in the story. Cecil making “beautiful things out of wire” (p. 209, l. 32) foreshadows his use of wire to trip Moose into the ravine. Cecil’s statement “ ‘He’ll make sure I leave here crippled’ ” (p. 211, l. 32) foreshadows Moose burning his right hand. 

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