Style of language

The short story “The Moose and the Sparrow” is written in a casual, conversational style. The vocabulary consists of common words and phrases. It reflects the thought process of the narrator, from whose perspective the story is told.

In the dialogue, the characters’ way of speaking highlights the differences between them. Moose sometimes uses grammatically incorrect sentences, for instance: “ ‘What you takin’ up?’ ” (p. 209, l. 19), when the correct question would be ‘What courses are you taking up?’ or ‘What are you studying?’ This highlights Moose’s lack of education. He tends not to pronounce some of the letters, which is rendered in the text by an apostrophe. For instance: “ ‘What school d’ya go to’” (p. 209, l. 11), “a hairdressin’ school” (p. l. 13). This suggests he has an accent generally associated with people from poorer economic backgrounds. 

Unlike Moose, Cecil exp...

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