Moose Maddon

Moose Maddon appears in the short story “The Moose and the Sparrow” by Hugh Garner. Moose is a logger on a camp in British Columbia. He is a production foreman

Moose’s nickname suggests he is a large and strong man. He appears to be good at his job: “Whatever else Moose was, he was the best production foreman in the camp” (p. 211, ll. 39-40). He is also said to be “surefooted as a chipmunk” (p. 214, l. 29), which suggests agility. However, he bullies Cecil using his physical strength and his position of power, in such obvious ways that it turns everyone in the camp against him.  

Moose reacts with anger and surprise to Cecil’s remark that he goes to university: “ ‘What you takin’ up?’ he asked, his face angry and serious now.” (p. 209, l. 19). This suggests he himself is uneducated. Mr Anderson also brings up his lack of education: “Moose, who was probably a Grade Four dropout himself, was flabbergasted (…) up until that minute he’d been living in awe of anybody with ...

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