The main character in the short story “The Moose and the Sparrow” by Hugh Garner is Cecil, a university student who works at a logging camp to earn money for tuition. Another important character in the story is Moose, Cecil's foreman in the logging camp. Moose dislikes Cecil, so he bullies him by giving him difficult tasks, scolding him, and even hurting him physically. At the end of the story, it is suggested that Cecil takes revenge on Moose, putting an end to their escalating conflict. 

Mr Anderson is another character in the story. He is the narrator and a witness to the events. He is older than both Cecil and Moose, and everyone except Cecil calls him “Pop” (p. 210, l. 16). Mr Anderson sympathizes with Cecil and tries to help him. The events in the story are told from his point of view. Other workers at the logging camp are also mentioned. As Moose’s bullying of Cecil increases, the workers start to sympathize with Cecil and take his side.

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