The analysis of the short story “The Moose and the Sparrow” by Hugh Garner shows that it follows a linear, chronological plot structure. The narrative is structured around the conflict between Moose and Cecil. The conflict is eventually resolved by Moose's death.

The main character is Cecil. Another important character is Moose, who openly bullies Cecil. Mr Anderson, who is also the narrator, is mainly a witness to the events. 

The physical setting is a logging camp in British Columbia. The events in the story take place over the course of a month. The social setting explores expectations related to social status.

The story is told from the point of view of a first-person narratorMr Anderson. He is a witness to the events and is not directly involved in the main action.

The language is casual and conversational, using common words and phrases. The dialogue imitates everyday speech and adds realism to the story.

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