Hazel's frustration and despair

In John Green’s novel, The Fault in Or Stars, the first-person narrator relates several difficult situations in which she expresses her frustration and despair caused by her helplessness and her traitorous fate. Some examples of these are given below.

Lida's healing

Although Hazel knows that no one can do anything about her incurable disease, sometimes she cannot help feeling jealous of people who are healthy. This is why Lida, the girl from the self-help group makes Hazel feel frustrated. Lida, had appendiceal cancer and is now cancer free after surgery. She claims that she admires Hazel for her strength and calls her a role model. To this, Hazel replies cynically that they could gladly switch: Hazel would then gladly give Lida her strength if Lida gave Hazel her health in return. 

Hazel seems to despise Lida for her health and she finds it hypocritical that Lida is in the support group talking about strength and fighting. However, the very moment she utters her envious and angry statement, she regrets it and is sorry (Chapter 9, 33%). Nevertheless, Hazel’s frustration and despair over the injustice of life are made c...

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