The novel The Fault in Our Stars by U.S. author John Green  was published in 2012. The young adult book tells of illness, love, and death through the story of two teenagers suffering from cancer who meet and fall in love with each other while in a support group in Indiana.

The meeting

Hazel has been suffering from thyroid cancer since she was 13 years old, and there is no hope for a cure. Since the cancer has already metastasized, meaning it has spread, she has problems with her lungs and always has to drag an oxygen bottle behind her on a little cart. Without oxygen supply, she would hardly get any air. 

Augustus, called Gus, is diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) when he is 15.5 years old. His right leg was partially amputated and now he has a wooden leg. His cancer has a good chance of being cured.

At the time they meet, Augustus is 17 years old, and Hazel is 16. Augustus is cancer-free and accompanies his sick friend Isaac to the support group. The two young people have already been through a lot because of their illness. However, neither of them lets it get them down. Augustus approaches the subject cynically. Hazel is calmer, but she, too, sees things with a sober eye and doesn't get overly-emotional.

As soon as they meet, they feel a keen interest towards each other. It's love at first sight. They can't take their eyes off each...

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