Relationship between Hazel and Augustus

Love at first sight

Augustus and Hazel’s relationship is a central element in John Green’s novel The Fault in Our Stars. The two young people meet for the first time in Hazel's support group. From the first moment they like each other as they sit there gazing deeply into each other's eyes. Hazel finds Augustus appealing from the very beginning : "His voice was low, smoky, and dead sexy" (Chapter 1, 44%). After the meeting is over, Augustus and Hazel start talking to each other.

Augustus immediately begins to flirt with Hazel. He calls her Hazel Grace. He says that he finds her beautiful and compares her to Natalie Portman in her role in the movie V for Vendetta. Hazel is embarrassed by this. Augustus, however, continues to flirt: "Pixie-haired gorgeous girl dislikes authority and can’t help but fall for a boy she knows is trouble. It’s your autobiography, so far as I can tell" (Chapter 1, 78%). 

Augustus makes Hazel feel "special" (Chapter 2, 25%). That same evening, he invites her to his home to watch the movie V for Vendetta with him. First, he shows her his room in the basement of the house. Hazel sees his basketball trophies there and tries to find out more about him. Augustus also wants to know more about Hazel. 

Flirting is fun

Hazel claims she is  very uninteresting, but still tells Augustus about her passion for books, especially her favorite novel, An Imperial Affliction. Augustus asks if there are zombies and stormtroopers in the novel. When Hazel says there aren’t, Augustus pr...

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