The sarcastic boy

Issac is an important character in the novel The Fault in Ours Stars by John Green. He is a lanky boy with a long face and straight blond hair. He is 17 years old and friends with both Hazel and Augustus. He lives with his twin siblings and his young mother. He had one eye removed because of a very rare form of eye cancer. He has one glass eye and he has to wear very thick glasses. His eyes look huge behind the glasses: "Behind his glasses, Isaac’s eyes seemed so big that everything else on his face kind of disappeared and it was just these disembodied floating eyes staring at me—one real, one glass." (Chapter 4, 75%). 

The teenager is about to have a second eye surgery. He is now to have his second eye removed as well. The hopeless situation has made Isaac very sarcastic. Shortly before the operation, he talks to the surgeon and says he would rather be "deaf than blind" (Chapter 1, 67%). The doctor answers that unfortunately he cannot choose, but that he will not go deaf. To this Isaac replies: "Thank you for explaining...

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