Our characterizations for John Green's novel The Fault in Our Stars introduce the two main characters and the important secondary characters. First, we highlight the appearance, age and place of origin, familiar as well as non-familiar social circumstances of the two teenagers suffering from cancer, Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters. Augustus' friend Isaac is also thoroughly discussed. We also discuss Augustus' former girlfriend, Caroline Mathers. Since the relationship between Augustus and Hazel is central to the book, we are also discussing it here, in its own page.

In addition to the young main characters, we also present the important adults in the narrative. First, we describe the the role of Hazel's wonderful parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lancaster. We also talk about Augustus' parents. Then we draw the portrait of Hazel's beloved and later hated book author Peter Van Houten. We also have a look at other minor characters, such as Isaac's girlfriend, Monika, and Van Houten's assistant, Lidewij Vliegenthart.

The easy-to-understand texts are divided into short sections and provided with explanatory headings. This allows the different traits of the characters to be quickly remembered. All of the text examples given are marked with chapter numbers and percentages that refer to where exactly you can find the corresponding place in the respective chapter. In this way, the characterizations can also be easily traced in the text for your own adaptations. 

The typical behavior and character traits of the main characters are described in detail. Their desires and ambitions also receive attention, because through them you can also form a picture of the characters. This gives you the perfect tool to dive into the novel with a keener eye, and a good basis for your own analysis/interpretation or discussion in English class.

Below, you have a character map that will give you further insight into the characters from the novel The Fault in Our Starts by John Green and their relationship with each other. 

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