Summary chapters 1-10

Chapter 1

Setting: Self-help group in the basement of an Episcopal church in Indianapolis/ USA

Time: Wednesday evening, March 28, present day

Characters: Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters, Isaac

Summary: At the beginning of the chapter, the main character, 16-year-old Hazel Grace tells about her thyroid cancer. She is depressed and does not like to leave home and bed. Despite her hopeless situation, Hazel's mother insists that she attend a support group for teenagers and children with cancer. Hazel is bored there, but goes anyway for her mother's sake.

The support group is led by Patrick. He suffered from testicular cancer himself as a child and was cured. The same six to ten participants always come together. Sometimes one of the participants dies. The sessions follow the same pattern each time. Everyone introduces themselves with their name, age, and illness. After that, there is a lot of talk about fighting and beating the disease.

Hazel meets Augustus Waters there. Augustus lost a leg to osteosarcoma, but is now cancer-free. He accompanies his friend, 17-year-old Isaac, to the support group. Isaac suffers from a rare eye cancer and has already lost one eye because of it. Isaac is scheduled for another surgery on Monday. He will now have his second eye removed. He will therefore go blind. 

Hazel immediately finds Augustus cute and the two stare at each other continuously during the session. Later, they talk to each other. After a short time, Augustus confesses to Hazel that he finds her beautiful. He compares her to Natalie Portman and continues to flirt with her. He promptly invites her to his home. There they want to watch the movie V for Vendetta with Natalie Portman. 

While waiting for Hazel's mother in the parking lot in front of the church, the two watch Isaac kiss his girlfriend Monica and fondle her with enthusiasm. Both keep reaffirming that their love will "always" last. While Augustus comments on what is happening, he puts a cigarette in his mouth. Hazel is shocked and upset. She can't believe that someone who had cancer would risk his health like that. The violent reaction also illustrates her growing feelings for Augustus. Augustus, however, does not light the cigarette at all. He sees it merely as a metaphor. He puts it in his mouth, but does not give it the power to kill. 

Chapter 2

Setting: Augustus' car

Time: Wednesday evening, March, present day

Characters: Hazel Grace Lancaster, Augustus Waters, Augustus' parents.

Summary: Augustus and Hazel go to his house in his car. Augustus has a terrible driving style and confesses to Hazel that he has already failed the driving test three times. It was not until the fourth attempt that he got his license. Due to his wooden leg, he doesn't feel the pressure and always accelerates or brakes abruptly. Augustus and Hazel both believe that it was the "cancer perk" that helped him get his driver's license: It's a benefit that young people get because they inspire pity. 

During the drive, Grace tries to find out about Augustus' condition and asks him about his school. He is currently repeating 10th grade at North Central. Hazel begins to talk about herself. She has been out of school for three years now, since she...

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