Narrator and point of view

The first-person narrator

John Green's novel The Fault in Our Stars, has a first-person narrator. The events are told by the main character, 16-year-old Hazel, in retrospect, in the past tense. She is a homodiegetic narrator because she is involved in the events. The narrative uses a simple sentence structure and also uses literal speech, so the story seems more lively and easy to understand.

The narrator reports her everyday life, her thoughts, her environment from her perspective in the first person, such as: 

I’d taken a day off from visiting Augustus because I was feeling a bit unwell myself: nothing specific, just tired. It had been a lazy day, and when Augustus called just after five P.M., I was already attached to the BiPAP, which we’d dragged out to the living room so I could watch TV with Mom and Dad (Chapter 20, 1%). 

This allows readers to learn, for example, what the narrator worries about, how she feels about her parents and Augustus, how she sees the world, and how she deals with the knowledge that she will die young. 

The first-person narrator reports about the other characters in the third person mostly in a paratactic style. For example: 

Twelve-year-old leukemic Michael had passed away. He’d foug...

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