The opposite

Propaganda is an important theme in the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. Propaganda is the targeted broadcasting of a particular ideology with the aim of influencing people's actions and thoughts. In doing so, people are manipulated in the interests of a minority. Propaganda is used primarily in politics. 

After Hitler came to power, the Nazis immediately began terrorizing other races. They created an image in which the Jews were portrayed in newspapers and on posters as enemies of the Germans. They were to be kept away from the Germans and at the same time destroyed. For this reason, the anti-Jewish propaganda is characterized by inhuman beliefs. The language used expresses hatred and aggressiveness. The Nazis portray the Jews as animals or subhumans, while the Germans are portrayed as a strong people that should rule.

This view is held in the novel by Gretel and by Bruno's father. The Father explains to Bruno that the Jews are "not people at all" (Chapter 5, 88%). Gretel, in turn, desc...

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