The mother

A good wife

Bruno and Gretel's mother is an important character in the novel The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. She is "a tall woman with long red hair" (Chapter 1, 0%), whose name is not revealed. She does not work but takes care of the children’s upbringing and the organization of the household. 

The mother is very concerned about her children's education. For example, she teaches them good manners that are universal in society. Since the family belongs to the upper class , they have also employed servants in the house. However, Bruno's mother wants the children to treat the staff “respectfully" (Chapter 1, 0%). 

The mother is Bruno’s main caregiver. She expresses her love for the children through hugs and kisses. However, she is clearly more concerned with Bruno than with his sister Gretel. On the one hand, this is because Bruno is a ...

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