Task 2D: Divisions in American society

Picture 1: “Trump supporters hang a Confederate flag at a Trump election rally, 2016”

Task 2D asks you to discuss what some pictures suggest about divisions in American society today, considering the idea that recent protests in the USA suggest an increasingly divided society.

The first picture is entitled “Trump supporters hang a Confederate flag at a Trump election rally, 2016”. The flag has ‘Trump 2016’ written on it. The supporters are white males wearing caps and applauding.

In 2016, the presidential elections in the US took place. The main candidates were Hillary Clinton for the Democrats and Donald Trump for the Republicans.

The US Confederate flag is the flag used by the Southern states during the American Civil War. These states were against abolishing slavery and wanted to secede from the United States. In recent decades, the flag has seen a revival, and it is often used by people who wish to identify themselves with Confederate values - sometimes including the idea of white supremacy. Because of these associations, the flag is considered very controversial today. 

At the rally in the picture, the flag was rapidly removed by the police. Moreover, the act of hanging the flag can be interpreted as an act of defiance and suggests that some people still hold racist beliefs against African Americans. 

As such, the picture suggests that some of Trump’s voters and supporters believed that Trump agreed with their views and felt that he represented the traditional values of Southern white Americans (including a belief in racial superiority...

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