Task 2A: The British Dream

Outline of Theresa May’s speech

Task 2 A requires you to compare Prime Minister Theresa May’s idea of the British Dream with the statistics in Task 1B, and discuss whether her message resonates with young Britons today.

The speech included in your assignment was delivered by British Prime Minister Theresa May at the Conservative Party conference after the 2017 general election.

The speech begins with Theresa May recounting how she joined the Conservative Party 40 years before, because she believed the Party had the right vison and determination to build a better Britain.

She argues that one of the party values is that each generation should be able to have a better future. For her, this dream is achievable and is what attracts people to come to the UK. She then gives examples to show that people from a variety of backgrounds are members of the Conservative Cabinet.

May claims that the British dream to renew the country and make it better is something she is devoted to achieving. For her, the dream is about overcoming injustice and overcoming one’s condition despite those who claim this is hard to achieve. She argues that this dream is attainable regardless of one’s background and income.

The speaker rejects the idea that free markets have a negative impact on this dream and argues that they are what made it possible. May continues to argue that it is the Conservatives who are open to progress and innovation, whereas the opposition focuses more on being neutral and taking no action.

She claims that the priority of the Conservatives is for the UK to leave the EU on good terms by March 2019. But regardless of the outcome of Brexit, she believes that the British dream of equal opportunity will remain accessible. May proposes economic and social reform that back an economy that works for everyone. She promises to restore hope and renew the British dream while also uniting the country.

Theresa May says modern Britain is about promise, potential, and hope with a bright future ahead, which means the newer generation will be able to lead happy and secure lives. The speech ends with the speaker reaffirming her belief that the country w...

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