Task 1B: British people's attitudes to the future

Task 1B requires you to comment on what a quotation and some statistics suggest about young British people’s attitudes to the future.

 The quotation is a statement by political analyst Loretta S. Garland, who reports that “….66% of first-time voters cast their vote for Labour and indeed over 60 per cent of all twenty-year-olds also voted Labour.” The quotation suggests that the Labour Party is very popular among young people in Britain.

In this case, it is likely that the political gains celebrated by Jeremy Corbyn in the speech in Task 1A was made possible by young voters: “Against all predictions in June we won the largest increase in the Labour vote since 1945 and achieved Labour’s best vote for a generation.” (ll. 1-2).

Consider also that if young voters maintain their preference for the Labour Party, this might eventually lead to the Labour Party winning elections in the future, just as Corbyn suggests in his speech: “Yes, we didn’t do quite well enough and we remain in opposition for now, but we have become a Government-in-waiting.” (ll. 4-5).

Figure 1 in your assignment shows that...

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