Samfunnsfaglig engelsk eksamen | Vår 2018

Her ser du Studienetts study guide for skriftlig eksamen i Samfunnsfaglig engelsk fra 31. mai 2018 som tar for sig sosiale og politiske problemer i britiske og amerikanske samfunn.

Med denne guiden blir du veiledet trygt og godt igjennom alle oppgavene i eksamenssettet med sammendrag, analyser og fokuspunkter.

Task 1

Short Answer

Answer both 1A and 1B


In September 2017, British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn gave a speech to the Labour Party Conference. An extract from the speech is found in the box below.

Briefly comment on and explain the effect of some of the language features and/or literary devices Jeremy Corbyn uses to enhance the message in his speech. Support your answer by using examples from the speech.


Briefly comment on what the quotation and the statistics below suggest about young British people’s attitudes to the future.

Task 2

Long answer

Answer either task 2 A, B, C, or D.


Read Prime Minister Theresa May’s speech in Appendix 1.

Compare Prime Minister Theresa May’s idea of the British Dream with the statistics in Task 1b above and discuss whether her message resonates with young Britons today.


Read the short story ‘Clean Living London’ by Ursula Dewey in Appendix 2.

Discuss what the story reveals about social conditions, identity and life in the UK today.


Referring to the quotations in the box below, discuss why gun control is a complicated political issue in the USA.


Recent protests in the USA and reactions to them are becoming more polarised, and it would appear that America is increasingly divided as a nation.

Using the pictures in Appendix 3, discuss what they suggest about divisions in American society today.

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Samfunnsfaglig engelsk eksamen | Vår 2018

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