Task 2d: Political consequences of the 2016 EU referendum in the UK

Outline of the texts

Task 2d asks you to discuss whether the EU referendum in 2016 in the UK has created political problems rather than resolving them, referring to a quote and some brief information about the referendum.

The assignment explains that the UK joined the European Economic Community (which would later become EU) in 1973. Joining the EEC was also controversial then and led to a referendum in 1975, but most people voted to stay at the time. However, a majority voted to leave the EU in 2016, when the Brexit referendum was held.

The quote you must refer to in your discussion is by Alexandra Cirone, a researcher at the London School of Economics. Cirone states that referendums are a risky political tool which, contrary to politicians’ beliefs, often create more problems than they solve.


The UK became a member of the European Economic Community (which would later become the European Union) in 1973. At that time, this was purely the government's decision and the British people were not asked if they want to join. As a result, ...

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