Task 2D: UK's political and cultural role today

Outlines of the quotes

The first quote is by Will McGivery, a government clerk, who states that Britain is no longer a world power. Moreover, he believes that leaving Europe will only make it more clear that Britain no longer has the power it used to have.

The second quote is by Terry Ferguson, a journalist who also believes that the UK is no longer the military power that it used to be. However, he points out that the UK has an influential cultural role across the world.


Task 2D asks you to discuss the UK’s political and cultural role in the world today using the two quotes and the four illustrations in Appendix 2.

The two quotes present a similar stance on the UK’s present role in the world. They both state that the UK is no longer a world power. However, there are some important differences between them.

The first quote is similar to a warning. McGivery seems to argue for self-awareness when it comes to Britain and its current role: “It is time, once and for all, for Britain to realise that the sun has set on its glorious pa...

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