Rhetorical situation



The speaker of the “Rivers of Blood” speech is Enoch Powell, a British politician who served as a Conservative Member of Parliament. At the time, he was also Shadow Defence Secretary for the Conservative Party, a position from which he was fired the day after he delivered the speech.

In his speech Powell makes himself the spokesperson for the Conservative Party:

Whole areas (…) will be occupied by sections of the immigrant and immigrant-descended population (…) ‘How can its dimensions be reduced?’ (…) by stopping, or virtually stopping, further inflow, and by promoting the maximum outflow. Both answers are part of the official policy of the Conservative Party. (paragraphs 5-7)

In this example, Powell mentions the official position of the Conservative Party regarding mass immigration to the UK. In this way, he attempts to build reliability by showing that his views are also shared by fellow politicians. 

Powell also portrays himself as a worried poli...

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