Chapters 50-61

Chapter 50

Mr Bennet wants to find out how much money he owes Mr Gardiner. He also feels guilty about not saving more money for his daughters’ dowries. As Mrs Bennet becomes more excited about the wedding and talks about Wickham and Lydia moving to a house nearby, Mr Bennet makes it clear that he does not want them in the neighbourhood and claims that he will not allow them to visit Longbourn. A letter comes informing the Bennets that Wickham will take a new position in the army, where he will be based far away, in the North of England. Jane and Elizabeth manage to convince their father to allow for their sister and Wickham to visit before leaving for the North.

At the same time, Elizabeth becomes more convinced than ever that she has no chance of marrying Darcy since Wickham (whom Darcy despises) is now part of her family.

Chapter 51

During their visit to Longbourn, Lydia and her husband act like they have done nothing wrong, annoying Jane and Elizabeth with their behaviour. When Lydia tells Elizabeth about her wedding, she mentions Darcy being there and then remembers she was not supposed to mention this aspect. Fascinated but unable to ask Lydia, Elizabeth writes to her aunt asking about Darcy’s unexpected involvement in the whole affair.

Chapter 52

Mrs Gardiner’s reply reveals that Darcy was the one who found Wickham and Lydia and that he tried to persuade Lydia to leave Wickham, bu...

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