Chapters 30-39

Chapter 30

Sir William Lucas leaves Hunsford, but Elizabeth stays on to keep her friend Charlotte company. The Collins family and Elizabeth dine at Rosings regularly, and all the dinners follow the same boring pattern. Elizabeth finds out that Darcy is to visit his aunt and looks forward to seeing him again, especially because she is curious about how he will interact with Miss de Bourgh, his fiancee, according to Lady Catherine.

Darcy arrives, bringing his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam. The two men immediately visit Elizabeth and Charlotte. Elizabeth asks Darcy about seeing Jane in London, but he does not seem to have known that Jane was in London.

Chapter 31

When Elizabeth and Mrs and Mr Collins next go for dinner at Rosings, Elizabeth enjoys talking with Colonel Fitzwilliam, who is a pleasant and entertaining sort of man, but Lady Catherine interrupts them because she feels left out. Darcy seems ashamed of his aunt’s rude behaviour. When Elizabeth plays the piano, Darcy approaches her, and she teases him for not practising his social skills. Lady Catherine intervenes again, and she ends up criticising Elizabeth’s piano skills.

Chapter 32

The next day, Darcy pays a visit to the Collins’ home and finds Elizabeth alone. Their conversation is awkward, and he leaves shortly after Charlotte and her sister return to the house. Charlotte begins to think that Darcy is in love with Elizabeth, but Elizabeth rejects this theory as ridiculous.

Darcy and Fitzwilliam visit the Collins household frequently after this, which Elizab...

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