An analysis of the short story “My Polish Teacher’s Tie” by Helen Dunmore shows that the text has a chronological structure. The narrative follows Carla Carter from her decision to become a Polish teacher’s penfriend until their meeting in the school canteen.

The main character of the story is Carla Carter – a half-Polish woman who works as a part-time catering assistant. The story follows her connection with Stefan Jeziorny – a Polish teacher. The story’s focus is on their written interaction and on their face-to-face meeting. 

The physical setting is in England, in the school where the main character works. Poland is also an important part of the physical setting, as both Steve and Carla have a connection to it. The social setting explores the issue of prejudice against foreigners. The text also focuses on differences in social status.

The main character, Carla, is also the first-person narrator of the story. The narrator allows the readers to have access to her thoughts and feelings.

The language is easy to follow and understand. The choice of words highlights the fact that the events take place in a school, while the dialogues show the characters’ attitudes.

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