Background information

Understanding the world of Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s Macbeth is over 400 years old and one of the most famous works of literature ever written. Because of its age, the language can be difficult, and knowing about the historical context is important for understanding the text. In what follows, we will take you though some of the most important background information for analysing the play. Even if you are just studying a short extract from the play, it will be good for you to know about the context.

The genre of Macbeth: drama

William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is a drama or play. To analyse a text, you need to understand its genre and the characteristics of this genre. Importantly, in a play there is no narrator: without direct access to the characters’ thoughts and feelings, which a narrator would normally give us, we need to work out the characterisation and motives of the characters by observing what they say (their dialogue) and what they do (their actions, as indicated in the text).

When a play is staged, its interpretation relies on the decisions of the directors and actors as well as the text itself. However, in this study guide we are going to focus on the text of the play. This is typically the way we work in English class: text-based.

More specifically, Macbeth is also a tragedy. Shakespeare wrote in various genres, including tragedies, comedies, and history plays. In general, tragedies follow a central character who goes through various struggles, often caused by fate and by a tragic flaw within the character that he or she cannot overcome. These elements can be found in Macbeth, as in other Shakespearean tragedies such as Hamlet and Ki...

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