Task 2C: English-dominated publishing industry


The survey

The survey shows the world’s biggest publishing markets, revealing that the USA and the United Kingdom make up a substantial part of the world publishing market. The USA has the biggest publishing market estimated at 22.99 billion euros. The UK ranks fourth, with a publishing market of 4.15 billion euros. The second place belongs to China and the third place to Germany.  Ranking from 5 to 10 are the following countries: France, Italy, Brazil, Netherlands, Thailand, and Norway.

Before you discuss the main topic, you should also consider what the whole graph reveals about the publishing industry. For example, China ranking second is most likely a result of China being the most populous country in the world and an influent political and economic power. Consider also that Germany is the most populous country in the EU and also one of the biggest political powers of the world. Similarly, France is populous, and the French language is also spoken in a number of former colonies. In other words, the size of the publishing market is probably partly dependent on the po...

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