Task 2b: The challenges of being an immigrant


Task 2b asks you to discuss the challenges an immigrant usually faces when living and working in a foreign country. You have to use an extract from the novel Number 11 by Jonathan Coe, which presents the perspective of a Romanian woman working as a dog walker in London.

The task also asks you to compare these challenges with the challenges of another character from an English-language text or film you have studied. As we cannot choose another text for you, we will focus on providing you with an outline of the extract from “Number 11” and discuss the challenges the main character of that story faces as an immigrant in England.


Number 11 is a novel by British author Jonathan Coe, which presents various aspects of modern-day British society.

This extract from Number 11 presents the first-person account of Livia, a Romanian immigrant working as a dog walker in London. She describes a typical morning for her, when she goes to pick up the dogs from her clients in Chelsea and takes them for a walk.  Livia also lived in Chelsea initially, but she was forced to move because of the high rent. She describes Chelsea as an area where very rich people live, surrounded by many security measures.

Livia does not have any contact w...

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