Task 2a: What young people can do against climate change


Task 2a asks you to read the material in Appendix 1 and use it to discuss what young people can do about climate change. The instructions also note that you may draw upon points from the material presented in task 1a and task 1b.

Appendix 1 contains two short texts which present very different viewpoints on young people's climate change activism. It also features an illustration that depicts young people protesting against climate change. 


Text 1 is a quote by Swedish teenage activist Greta Thunberg. She claims that anyone familiar with the dangers of climate change should speak out against it, no matter how uncomfortable or inconvenient they might find the subject. She adds that, while adults think they should give young people hope, she does not want to be given hope, but wants people to take climate change as seriously as she does. She stresses that she wants people to be afraid of climate change and then to act on that fear, insisting that the problem is a very urgent one.

Text 2 is a quote by columnist Rose Humble-Smith. She claims that young people do not understand what protesting against climate change means. She claims that if young people knew that actions against climate change could include giving up ...

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