The generous thief

Magnet is an important character in the novel Holes by Louis Sachar. He is an inmate at Camp Green Lake and a member of Group D.. In the ranking of Group D, he occupies only the fifth place. He is the only one of the youngsters of Hispanic ethnicity. His real first name is José.

While we do not know exactly why Magnet is at the camp, his nickname might provide a clue to that. Magnet himself claims that his fingers act like little magnets (Part 1, 68%). Since he has a tendency to steal things, as indicated by his nickname, it is not unlikely that Magnet has been arrested and punished for a theft offense. 

Magnet is then generous and companionable enough to share his loot, for which he has "risked his life" (Part 1, 94%. But he also meanly...

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