Themes and message


One of the most important themes explored by Hamill in “Going Home” is the theme of communication. 

First, the story focuses on how Vingo communicates his feelings. Although he never openly expresses what he feels, his gestures and attitudes give his feelings away. For instance, “chewing his lips” (p. 9, l. 9) suggests that Vingo is probably anxious about something. Furthermore, as he sits “in complete silence” (p. 9, l. 9), Vingo draws the attention of the group of youngsters. His attitude indicates that he might have a mysterious background, “perhaps (…) a sailor; maybe he had run away from his wife” (p. 9, ll. 12-13). 

The theme of communication is explored also through the girl’s interactions with Vingo. She approaches him and tries to find out more about him, and even invites him to sit with her group in the café. At first, Vingo is reluctant (p. 9, l. 18) to engage with them...

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