Characterization of Vingo

Outer characterization

Vingo is the main character of the story “Going Home” by Pete Hamill. His outer characterization reveals that he is an ex-convict (p. 9, ll. 32-33) going home to his family. The story does not say, however, why Vingo was convicted.

Vingo’s age is unknown: “his dusty face masking his age” (p. 9, ll. 7-8). The story also shows that Vingo is a smoker (p. 9, ll. 8-9) and that he is dressed awkwardly, “in a suit that did not fit him” (p. 9, l. 8). As the story progresses, we find out that Vingo is married and has children (p. 10, ll. 1-4), and that he was in the navy (p. 9, l. 23). 

Inner characterization

At the beginning of the story, Vingo appears to be a mysterious person. His reserved attitude makes him stand out from other people on the bus: “He sat in com...

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