The short story “Going Home” by Pete Hamill has a simple structure. Given the nature of the events presented in the story, the narrative can be divided into three sections.

In the first section, the story introduces the setting and the main characters: a group of youngsters and Vingo, a mysterious man, are on a bus going from New York to Florida (p. 9, ll. 1-7). Vingo’s reserved nature captures the youngsters’ attention, which foreshadows that something important is going to happen to him by the end of the story: “The young people began discussing him, trying to imagine his life” (p. 9, ll. 11-12). It also foreshadows their involvement in Vingo’s story.

In the second section of the story, readers find out more about Vingo through his interaction with a girl from the group of youngsters: “He had been in jail in New York for the past four yea...

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