Narrator and point of view

The events in the short story “Going Home” by Pete Hamill are told by a third-person narrator who follows the perspective of the group of youngsters: “As the bus passed through New Jersey, they began to notice that Vingo never moved.” (p. 9, ll. 6-7). As the narrative progresses, the focus shifts to the girl, who decides to interact with Vingo: “ ‘You don’t know?’ she asked, surprised by the unexpected answer.” (p. 9, l. 36). The narrator also provides an interpretation of Vingo’s feelings: “ ‘It is,’ he admitted quietly, as if remembering something he had tried to forget.” (p. 9, ll. 20-21). Readers cannot be sure here whether Vingo is really remembering an unhappy event from his past.

The narrator does not provide many details about the characte...

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