Style of language

The short story “Going Home” by Pete Hamill is written using simple, everyday language. The story lacks descriptions and is written with short, straightforward sentences, which makes the text seem written in a journalistic style: “He sat in front of the young people, his dusty face masking his age, dressed in a suit that did not fit him. His fingers were stained from cigarettes and he was chewing his lips all the time.” (p. 9, ll. 7-9)

The dialogue is also simple and imitates the everyday interactions between people: “ ‘Are you married?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘You don’t know?’ she asked, surprised by the unexpected answer.” (p. 9, ll. 34-36). When Vingo talks about his deal with his wife, he is straightforward and focuses on facts, not on his feelings: 

‘I told her if she would take me back, she should put a yel...

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