An analysis of the short story “Going Home” by Pete Hamill shows that the narrative has a chronological structure. The story is separated into several scenes, including a flashback which offers more details about the main character. 

The story’s main character is Vingo, an ex-convict who is on his way home. His reserved attitude prompts the curiosity of a group of youngsters, who try to find out more about his life. 

The physical setting is somewhere in the US, on a bus ride from New York to Florida. An important element of the physical setting is Brunswick, the town where Vingo used to live. 

The events are told by a third-person narrator, who follows the perspective of the girl. The narrator builds suspense until the end.

The short story is written using simple, everyday language, with dialogue that reflects everyday interactions between people. The lack of descriptive language also suggests a journalistic style. 

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