Task 2C: Diversity in sports and culture


Assignment 2C requires you to create a text discussing diversity in sports and culture. As inspiration for the text, you should use examples from English-speaking countries and ideas from the preparation material in your text, as well as the following statement: “On the sports field or on the stage, there is no black or white, no gay or straight, no rich or poor, just the joy of being out there doing your best”.

The statement suggests sports and culture encourage tolerance, integration, and a community spirit. The statement argues that in sports or on stage there is no discrimination based on race, sexual orientation, or economic status. According to the statement, sports or performing arts encourage meritocracy – appreciation for one’s talents, and success regardless of someone’s background.

In your discussion, you should reflect on situations where this statement applies, but also on situations that suggest the opposite. Are artists and people working in sports part of a prejudice-free community?

In what follows, we will look at what texts from the preparation material you can use for your discussion of diversity in sports and culture and add a few extra related examples from English-speaking countries. The best preparation material texts to help you discuss diversity in sport...

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