Task 1B: Comparison between different language styles and attitudes

In Task 1B, you are asked to read some conversations and write a short text about which of the two young men you would give the apprenticeship to. You should also compare both the language they use and their attitudes in your answer. We cannot pick the person to give the apprenticeship to for you, but we will help you analyse the speakers’ language and attitudes.

Looking at the first conversation, between John and his employer, we notice that both John’s language and attitude are not appropriate for the circumstances. Unlike Fred, John uses informal language in his interaction with his employer: “I don't see that it's my responsibility, to be honest. You know I put a lot of pride in my work. It's always done right!” (ll. 24-26); “I'm sick of dealing with the difficult people. Why me? I'm one of your best workers. You can't argue with that” (ll. 33-35). Also, he “mumbles” (l. 2) instead of saying “Good Morning” which is the first sign of disrespect for his employer.

Unlike John, Fred knows how to be formal and polite with his employer. Compared to John, Fred...

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