Task 1A: Views on the importance of the English language

In task 1A you are required to explain and give your opinion regarding the views expressed by the cartoons in Text 6 from the preparation material.

Text 6 in the preparation material includes 3 cartoons that explore issues related to the English language and issues in English-speaking countries.

Cartoon A focuses on the United States. In the cartoon, a man asks if English should be the official language of the US. All those seated at the table and who are asked to vote answer ‘Yes’ but in different languages: Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.

The cartoon tries to convey the immigrant background that all Americans have in common. When the United States was first colonised, most colonists were English, but there were also French, Dutch, and Spanish colonists, for example. After the US became an independent state and during the age of the Great Migration, people from all over the world came to the US.

As a result, the US was a country...

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