Task 2A: My future profession

Task 2A requires you to write a text informing a group of English-speaking visitors about the profession or trade you are aiming for. Here are some guidelines about the key aspects you are asked to inclu…



What skills are important in this profession or trade, and why

Any profession requires knowing some specific skills. Depending on your choice, these skills can be technical (like IT knowledge) or more theoretical (like knowing a foreign language).

Bear in mind that these could be “hard skills” (such as knowing how to do a specific task or use a particular type of software), or they could be “soft skills” (such as being good at working in a team, being a quick learner, or being good at communicating your ideas).

You could also use Texts 2 and 3 from the preparation material as a source of inspiration.

For example, Text 2 mentions that going abroad to study or train will help you “become more creative and a better problem solver” (l. 13). Such skills are usually apprec…


What employers are looking for in a good employee, and why

Apart from knowledge and experience in a certain professional field, employers also pay attention to some general qualities in any employee such as:

  • Being willing to learn
  • Being receptive to feedback
  • Being responsible
  • Being self-motivated
  • Being able to work both in a team and alone

You could also get some inspiration for this part of your presentation from Texts 3 and 4 in your preparation material that discuss millennials in the workplace.

For example, Text 3 argues that employers should adjust their demands to what their young employees want: “It's in every organization's intere…

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