Task 1B: Advice on e-mail writing

Task 1B requires you to write a text to a friend from India to give her some English-language advice about how to make the e-mail she wants to send to her school principal complaining about her school more formal. You should use examples from her e-mail in your text.

Here are the main language issues that you can identify in the e-mail.

The e-mail begins with the address “Hi there” (l. 1). In a formal letter, the proper address should be “Dear Sir/ Madam”, or include the principal’s name.

Next, the email does not only sound informal but also impolite, using aggressive language and too many exclamation points, such as “!!!” (l. 6). Instead of writing “I am sick of” (l. 2), she could start by saying “I have noticed that in our school there is a lack of…”.  Also, instead of using words like “tonnes of” (l. 2) and “loads of” she could use words like “many” or “numerous”. To express that she found the visits to the glass museum boring, she should not write “boring !!!” (l. 4). Instead, she could write something like: “I am aware that many of the students did not find our last visit to the glass museum as interesting as it could have been.”

In the next paragraph, she should avoid repetition ...

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