Task 1A: Living and studying abroad

Task 1A asks you to write a short text in which you explain why you would want to live and attend school and training in an English-speaking country of your choosing, using the preparation material as inspiration.

As we cannot choose a specific country for you, we will only give you a few general ideas on the topic based on the texts in your preparation material.

Firstly, look at which English-speaking countries are mentioned in the texts in the preparation material: England (Texts 1, 5), Northern Ireland (Text 6), the US (Texts 7, and 8), Australia (Text 8), ), India (Text 8) and the UK (Text 8). Remember also that both England and Northern Ireland are part of the United Kingdom.

Regardless of your choice of country, you can use Texts 1 and 2 as sources of inspiration for your argumentation.

For example, the girl in Text 1 explains the benefits of doing an apprenticeship in England in the following way: “ ‘I think it might give me an advantage when I apply fo...

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