Preparation material

Your exam set comes with preparation material that you should use as inspiration when you answer the questions on the topic of living in English-speaking countries. In what follows, we will give you some points on the topic and outline the nine texts in your preparation material.

Discussion of the topic

Your exam set is focused on the topic of living in English-speaking countries. 

The preparation material explores points like the importance of having experience abroad, education and work in English-speaking countries, as well as issues like prejudice, discrimination, economic inequality, violence, etc.

As stated in the preparation material, English language becomes one of the key factors that joins the “400 million people living in English-speaking countries” (p. 4, l. 1). Reflect on the fact that English has become a lingua franca (the language people from different countries communicate in) and the importance of having good language skills for those who want to study, train, or work abroad.

The texts in the preparation material also show that living in English speaking countries is a personal experience and is influenced by people’s background and circumstances. While a young person going for studies abroad might have a very positive experience in an English-speaking country, gaining new skills and making new friends, a migrant might have a completely different experience struggling to find a job and being discriminated against. This implies that one should not make generalisations about what it is like to live in an English-speaking country.

In what follows, we will provide summaries of each of the texts in your preparation material.

Text 1: Norwegian vocational students on exchange programmes abroad

Text 1 describes the experience of Silje Steffensen, a student undergoing vocational training in sales and servicing. Silje spent three months on an internship abroad in England, which she believes expanded her horizons and will give her an advantage when she looks for a job.

Text 2: Six reasons why you should study and take part of your apprenticeship training abroad

Text 2 provides a list of reasons why students should do part of their studies or apprenticeships abroad.

The reasons include meeting new people, gaining work experience, changing their perspective on Norway, learning to solve problems and be independent, as well as increasing their prospects of getting a good job back in Norway.

Text 3: What Millennials Want In The Workplace (And Why You Should Start Giving It To Them)

Text 3 is an extract from an article which describes what millennials want from their jobs. Considering that by 2020, millennials will make up about 40% of the working force in the US, the writer argues that employers should pay attention to what they want at work.

According to a study cited by the text, most millennials want to make the world a better place, and they like working independently or under a boss who is more ...

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