Task 2D

Task 2D in the Engelsk fellesfag exam from spring 2020 requires you to choose one or two texts from the preparation material and create a text discussing how the message in these texts is communicated. The task states that you use text 1 to 7 in the preparation material for your text and requires you to give it a suitable title.

Text 1a: Play like a girl

Text 1a is a speech given by Billie Jean King, a tennis legend and women’s sports advocate, at the opening of the Women’s National Basketball Allstar game. King’s message is that playing like a girl is a strength, not a weakness. To get her message across, King addresses the girls in the audience directly, using the pronoun “you” and repetition to include them in her speech: “Yes, you. I see you, ready to play.” (l. 8). She also appeals to the audience’s emotions by encouraging them to believe that they can achieve anything they want (ll. 12-14), which is meant to inspire courage and hope in the audience. Her message is reliable since her own career as a female athlete gives her reliability.

King also involves her audience by telling them what they have to do to succeed: “All you have to do is, play like a gi...

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