Task 2C


Text 2C in the Engelsk fellesfag exam from spring 2020 requires you to create a literary text about someone who is desperate to get his/her message across. You are also required to give your text a suitable title. You can write any type of literary text, but the most obvious choice may be a short story whose plot revolves around a young person who is trying to deliver a certain message to someone. 

You could use texts 3, 5a, and 7 in the preparation material as inspiration for your text, though you should also try to include some of your own ideas in your composition. 

Text 3: Extract from The Hate U Give

Text 3 in the preparation material features the fictional character of Starr, an African-American girl who is speaking up for her friend Khalil, who was killed by a police officer. Starr’s message is that Khalil was treated with prejudice by the police officer and, after his death, by the media, which portrayed Khalil as a drug dealer and gang member (and thereby implied that his death was not a tragedy). 

Starr’s thoughts and emotions are easily noticeable in the text, as it includes her reflections while she is giving the interview. For example, when speaking about Khalil, she is sad about his death (l. 13) and thinks about missing him (l. 16). Consequently, Starr’s challenge in getting her message across is to control her emotions. To find strength to continue the interview, Starr remembers the advice of Ms. Ofrah, a civil rights activist (l. 21). This helps Starr keep herself focused on her message and her purpose of speaking up to defend Khalil. At one point, Starr is overwhelmed with emotion (ll. 42-43), but she feels determi...

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