Task 2B

Introduce your vocational education program

Task 2B in the Engelsk fellesfag exam from spring 2020 requires you to create a text to convince young people in Australia to choose the vocational education program that you are taking.

In choosing the program you will speak about in your text, you may also take inspiration from Text 2b. In the first infographic, for instance, you will notice a dentist’s average starting salary is compared to that of a certified electrician. Therefore, your text could be about a program that trains future electricians. 

The last infographic includes some data about construction, automotive, food, and building trades. Therefore, your text could be about a training program for plumbers, bricklayers, welders, cooks, waiters, mechanics, or building maintenance professionals. 

Inform why your vocational education program is important

Here, you will have to give more details about what the training program is teaching you, and why it is important. To do so, think about the practical aspects of the type of job the vocational program is training you for. In the case of a certified electrician, for example, a vocational program will ...

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