Task 1B


Task 1B in the Engelsk fellesfag exam from spring 2020 presents you with two job advertisements for Dental Technicians and requires you to write a text about which of the two advertisements gets its message across to you. In writing your text, you should give reasons for your choice by using examples from the advertisement you have chosen. The text also suggests that text 8 in the preparation material may be useful in writing your text.

The first advertisement begins with a humorous phrase that the candidates must decipher. It then gives them some details about when, how, and where to apply. The second advertisement explains, in detail, the type of candidate the company is looking for and the benefits offered. It also includes details about how candidates can apply. 

The first job advertisement

The first job advertisement uses wordplay, informal language, and humor to get its message across. It begins with the phrase “Hiy hack hola heely hets!” (ll. 1-2), humorously imitating a person trying to speak while lying in the dentist’s chair with his mouth open. This is catchy and appeals to the audience’s emotions by making them laugh. It is also...

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