Task 1A


Task 1A in the Engelsk fellesfag exam from spring 2020 presents two conversations. Thomas and Betty are unhappy with the work done by Angela and Jim and are asking for advice on how to give better feedback to their friends. The task requires you to write a text to either Thomas or Betty giving them some advice, using examples from the conversation in your text. It also advises you to use Text 8 in the preparation material as inspiration. 

The task also provides you with a summary of each of the conversations. In the first conversation, Angela, who is training to be a cook, has decided to make Moussaka and asks her friend Thomas for feedback. However, the meal does not turn out well and Thomas tells Angela all the ways in which the meal is wrong. Angela apologizes, but Thomas still comments on the Moussaka, and refuses to finish it, which deeply upsets Angela. 

In the second conversation, Jim, who is training to be a hairdresser, has just finished cutting Betty’s hair. Betty does not like the haircut but avoids admitting this to Jim and instead tries to find some positive things to say about the haircut. Jim believes that Betty likes the haircut. 

Advice for Thomas 

You might immediately notice that Thomas’s language is very direct and that he gives a very negative review of Angela’s Moussaka: “ ‘Urgh! I have to say, Angela, this is really disgusting!’ ” (ll. 15-16) He appears to be careless of how his feedback might affect Angela.

Thomas comes across as extremely critical (ll. 22-25) towards Ang...

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